BESTIAL DESECRATION #3 fanzine plus bonus zine.


A very high quality zine – 96 pages limited edition zine, colour. Includes great interviews on EVILFEAST, HELLISH CROSSFIRE, MYSTERIIS, VOMIT OF DOOM, GRABUNHOLD, HELL DESECRATOR, INFERNO REQUIEM, GOAT SEMEN, ZAGHAN, RAPED GOD 666, DARK MYSTERY, INFERNAL EXECRATOR, TRANSILVANIA, east-bloc metal retrospective, select reviews and 2 posters (SADISTIC INTENT/VOMITOR).Bonus! Included with this zine is an additional bonus 12 page fanzine with the last and exclusive interview with the Colombian Ultra Metal Legends PARABELLUM (plus a SADISTIC INTENT/VOMITOR poster).