214 Pages of Old School Hard & Heavy madness. A5 size, color cover. Reviews, Live reports, Interviews with Desaster, Paganfire, Hellripper, Municipal Waste, Armored Saint, Myriad, Girlschool, No Turning Back, Metal Church, Stomper 98, Megatherion, LA Cobra, Billy Bio, Bruut, Sacrifizer, Wildstreet, Saviour From Anger, Destructo, Kane Roberts, Pulsar, Back Out, Remain Untamed, Mortal Scepter, Whipper, Bode Preto, Slaughtered Priest, Trespass, Maligno, Nightmare, Satan´s Cross, Heavy Pettin, Stryper, Sacral Night, Iron Reagan, Goat Of Mendes, Airrace, Vatican, Seax, Night, Defeater, Discröyd, Attila, Big Foot, Steel Shock, Hardland, Grindpad, Unholy Lust, Insurrection. M.O.D./S.O.D., Saver, Ruhrpott Underground, Witchfukker, Violent Sin, Wallop.  6,99 Eu