SLOWLY WE ROT ´zine #13


/ 2019 (English written, factory printed, 56 pages, black/white, glossy, A4 format)   Featuring interviews with: A Canorous Quintet Aftermath Black Sheets Of Rain Blasphemathory Blodhemn Blood and Brutality Bloody Invasion Death Kommander Derketa Devil’s Force Devourer Die Entweihung Enthroned FaithXtractor Fallen Man Fatum Aeternum Heathenspawn Hecate Enthroned Lynchpin Magoth Matterhorn Morar Nowhere Pestlegion Reinfection Scyther Sear Bliss Spider Gates Suffering Souls The Elysian Fields Ur Tid Vanhelga Viken Vomit Angel + A letter from Dead article + reviews, zine scene   + free compilation CD!.