SLOWLY WE ROT ´zine #14


/ 2019 (English written, factory printed, black/white, glossy, A4 format) Featuring interviews with: Ahriman Crucifier Cryptopsy Disastrous Murmur Disinter Ethnocide Extreme Formicarius Frantic Amber Fullmåne Goats of Purgatory God Shaped Devil Graveyard Immortal Empire Kampfar Karmanjaka Kill Likfunn Malediction Mixomatosis Mysthicon Nargaroth Nihilo Officium Triste Poroniec Sönambula Sorrowseed Stranguliatorius Superbeast The Black Court The Black Moriah Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf Torment Tool Windfaerer Xerión + reviews, zine scene + free compilation CD!