SLOWLY WE ROT ´zine #16


/ 2020 (Underground attitude and contents, English written, factory printed, black/white, glossy, A4 format)   Featuring interviews with: Ajera, Amokschlaf Aornos Atoll Black Eternal Blasphamagoatachrist Blunt Splitter Burgûli Dark Watcher Disinfect Dommedag Draconis Infernum Exhumation F-60 Gavel Gutted SoulsHex Wound Insanity Alert Kathartik Kekal Khors Lightbearer Macabre Omen Master Mörk Gryning Mortiferuz Obsecration Odium Humani Generis Serrated The Prophecy ov Sarin Tsatthoggua Warrant White Crone   + Xeroxed Messangers of Death article + reviews + free compilation CD.