SLOWLY WE ROT ´zine #17


/ 2021 (Underground attitude and contents, English written, A4 format, 56 pages, black/white, glossy factory printed) Featuring interviews with: Anthropi Cyanide Grenade Die Entweihung Djinn-Ghül Emperium Galvornhathol Gloomy Grim Goat Tyrant Grom Records Haunted Cenotaph Human Serpent Inhumate Königreichssaal Lost in Grey Mask of Satan Mephorash Moeror Mortiferuz Nervosa Night CrownedObscure Relic Ossario Psychotic Waltz Rabid Flesh Eaters Sibireal Speedkiller Terrordome The Flesh Trading Company Tiran Vanhelga Vermilia Yaldabaoth Yoth Iria + Hungarian Scene Report + reviews + free compilation CD.